Galvanized Steel Hood Grease Filter (Pack of 2)

Guaranteed to meet fire codes, building codes, and insurance requirements in all 50 states. UL classification ensures top quality that passes thorough, independent inspections.


Locking handles and hanging brackets available for order on call.


Galvanized Steel Hood Grease Filter (Pack of 2)

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Marathon hood filters are built to last much longer than other lower quality brands. They are also much easier to clean and have a distinctive shine to them. These are the standard filters used in restaurants and other types of commercial kitchens across the United States and Canada. Filters should be installed in the hood with the baffles running up and down as shown in the last picture.

  • Meets fire code and insurance requirements in all 50 states*
  • UL Classified.
  • Meets NFPA 96 Standards.
  • Exact measurements are 0.5″ less than the specified measurement.
  • Most orders ship within 1-2 business days from order date.
  • Handles and locking brackets available upon call.
  • Made specifically for restaurant exhaust hoods. Not for use in residential hoods.
Warning: Restaurants are required to use filters that are UL Classified to meet state and local fire codes, building codes and insurance requirements. Using filters that are not clearly labeled as UL Classified may result in fines from local authorities and possibly even void your insurance coverage. All Marathon hood filters are UL Classifed.

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